How do you get to know whether an Egg is good enough for consumption

Here is a simple test which will not take you more than a minute ?

  1. Drop the egg in a small bowl full of water.
  2. If the egg drops to the bottom, yes ok.
  3. If it floats up and down. Could be stale. be careful.
  4. If it rises to the top in seconds. forget it. Out it goes.

Please try this and react as required.


Do they really exist, or are those who experience paranormal issues under some hallucination ? It has happened to me on more than one occasion.

On my drive home over weekends I have to pass a very lonely stretch where a gruesome murder had taken place many years back. I used to drive at night till advised not to. At this particular area a white figure crossed the road very quickly. Whether real or not is the issue. Had to press on the gas with a look at the driving mirror whether still visible or even in the back seat.

No more driving in the night. God Bless